calcium carbonate as a semi-reinforcing filler , used in adhesives, can change the layer performance, lower cost adhesives, essentially unreactive with the base material. Adding a certain amount of calcium carbonate in the adhesive to increase adhesive strength, hardness, heat resistance, dimensional stability, reduced cure shrinkage and coefficient of linear expansion. Such as the commonly used glass, plastic, without using reinforcing filler bonding force becomes poor, was added calcium carbonate, can increase the bonding strength of the joint, the surface hardness increases, an increase in viscosity and thermal conductivity, increased impact toughness and wear resistance, improved resistance to media performance adhesives, and reduce costs.

Nanometer calcium carbonate is used in sealing adhesive material, it has good paste with sizing material and accelerates the crosslinking reaction. It can greatly improve the thixotropy of system, enhance the dimensional stability, improve the mechanical properties of the adhesive and add volume to the filling and reinforcing dual role. At the same time, it can make the surface bright and delicate plastic material.

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