Wollastonite ceramic industry is the most important application areas, 40% -45% of the total amount. In the ceramic industry, wollastonite ceramic firing temperature can be reduced to shorten the baking time and reduce thermal expansion, while increasing strength and pressure type mass body, and can greatly improve the mechanical properties of ceramic products, improving product content. wollastonite glaze can be applied to reduce or eliminate pinholes glazed, glazed improve wear resistance, the glaze layer to improve transparency and gloss, but the raw cold fast firing at a low temperature to reduce the deformation and fracture. In addition, adding a certain amount of glaze wollastonite, calcium glaze can also reduce smoking phenomenon. The use of wollastonite can also produce calcium matte glaze, the effect is very satisfactory.

Wollastonite in temperature and flux, can reduce the sintering temperature and glaze expansion coefficient, improved glazed luster, in line with the requirements of energy-saving and emission reduction. In the glaze using wollastonite instead of part of calcite and quartz, can improve the products the quality of glaze surface. When firing is not easy to smoking and can be fully molten, glazed smooth, pinhole free, no light effect is good, white and bright, Pastel Color, interior and exterior wall decorative tile effect were better. The wollastonite content is more than 20%, decreased the whiteness of glaze.

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