① in the rubber industry, wollastonite has a special needle structure, White, non-toxic, ultra-fine powder by crushing, surface modification is the ideal rubber filler, not only can reduce the production cost of rubber products, but also improve the mechanics of rubber performance, giving special features rubber itself does not have.

when wollastonite is used in light-colored rubber, can be a lot instead of titanium dioxide powder, clay and Lide powder, play a reinforcing effect, and can improve the ability to cover White colorant play whitening effect.

② calcium carbonate is used in the rubber industry, the earliest one of the largest filler, calcium carbonate among a large number of filled rubber, you can increase the volume of products, thus saving expensive amount of rubber to achieve lower costs. calcium carbonate filled rubber to get higher than the pure rubber vulcanizate tensile strength, abrasion resistance, tear strength. increasing the amount of calcium carbonate filler also greatly reduce cure time of rubber, and has a significant role in reinforcing the natural rubber and synthetic rubber, and can adjust the consistency, hardness, it is a superior non-toxic environmentally friendly materials.

③ because of nanometer calcium carbonate by using a special process, the particle diameter control in 1-100nm, it to increase the surface area, activity was enhanced, its application in rubber product, can make the physical and mechanical properties of the products improved. In particular, the wear resistance, compactness, scratch resistance of the products are obviously improved. Also nano calcium carbonate through special craft processing, surface very active, under the sunlight, ultraviolet radiation can decomposition of negatively charged electrons move freely, while leaving positively charged holes, with strong activity, easily with oxygen or organic chemical reactions occur, kill some viruses and bacteria, therefore, nano calcium carbonate should have odor, anti-virus, mouldproof effects functions for rubber soles, decoration of rubber products.

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