① Nylon is one of the largest markets applications wollastonite, wollastonite with silane coupling agent after modification of nylon can be improved flexural strength, tensile strength, reduced moisture absorption rate, improved dimensional stability. With wollastonite and glass fiber-filled polypropylene mixture will receive low-cost, excellent processing flowability and mechanical properties overall performance of the composite filling modified material.

Modified wollastonite has better compatibility with plastic, which remained after the powder broken needle crystalline added to plastic to make it possible to improve the performance of plastics, and ensure that products having high thermal stability, low dielectric property , low oil absorption and high mechanical strength, while reducing the cost of products.

② add calcium carbonate in plastics plastics can be improved dimensional stability, hardness and rigidity, can also modify the rheological properties of plastics, because calcium carbonate powder form mixed with other ingredients to help, not only to improve the processing properties of plastics, also improve the heat resistance of plastics and the like. Whiteness above 90% of calcium carbonate, have a good whitening effect in plastic products, plastic products, astigmatism have greatly improved. In addition, calcium carbonate plastic price far below its price, reduce the cost of adding calcium carbonate makes plastic products. It will gradually become a reinforcing or functional for the purpose of imparting functional filler.

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