① wollastonite polypropylene is mainly used in the paint industry anti-corrosion coatings, which powder-like material has a high performance surface gloss, good water erosion and buffering PH value.

wollastonite as extender pigment in coatings partially replace titanium dioxide powder, etc. White pigment, from the cover, the incremental effect, can reduce the cost of paint, increasing film thickness, so that the film plump, firm, wear-resistant, while adjusting the paint rheology properties, such as thickening, anti-precipitation. wollastonite bright color, high reflectivity, suitable for the production of high-quality white paint and there are clear and transparent paint. Needle wollastonite powder has good plain, color coverage is high and uniform, with anti-UV properties. In the interior paint, exterior paint, special coatings and latex paints are widely used. Ultra-fine particle size, Whiteness, PH value is higher, the better the paint color and coating, and paint was used as anti-corrosion coating of steel and other basic metals devices.

② calcium carbonate is the most widely used paint filler constitution. It is not only inexpensive, can greatly reduce the production cost of the coating, as one functional filler, which can affect many properties of the coating. Such as changing the mechanical strength of the coating film, the coating film to improve water resistance, abrasion resistance, but also has anti powder resistance. It functions as a high-quality inexpensive filler, so in civil and industrial coatings, which has been one of the most important material basis of the coating composition.

Heavy calcium carbonate filler is the world's first paint industry, China's current coating GCC estimated amount of 200 million metric tons, of which architectural coatings, paper coatings, powder coatings are the most consumed GCC area.

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